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Hello there, netizen!

I am an experienced & versatile Software Engineer involved in hands-on development and problem solving in an agile environment since a long time. I'm passionate about technology and its impact on society at large.

I have professional work experience in full stack mobile and web development. Apart from that I have keen interest in the following domains: Cyber-physical systems (CPS)/IoT, distributed consensus/Blockchain, Software Defined Networking, AI, ML, Embedded Sensor Fusion, 3D printing, Augmented Reality.

I am currently pursuing MS in CS (Networking) @ University of Southern California.

You can find me at local hackathons in the physical realm or below handles in the virtual realm.


Software Engineer 3 [ Feb 2022 - Present ]
   Developing automated solutions for K8s managed product: Cisco Intersight
   Development of GoLang based K8s automated solutions
SDN and Software Automation Engineer Co-Op [ May 2021 - Dec 2021 ]
   Developed custom control loop to maintain desired state of K8s cluster with multiple VMs and SR-Linux Routers. A typical Clos topology has multiple DC gateways connected to spine routers which in turn are connected to leaf routers. Below the leaf there are workload VMs. All of this formed the K8s cluster wherein I developed a daemonset which runs a custom container image as a pod on each node. This custom docker image contained python code to detect new service being added into the cluster and then trigger LLDP (Local Link Discovery Protocol) to find the neighboring leaf and make subsequent GNMI calls to it to update its routing table and other configurations.
  In addition, developed a web portal with in-browser console and drag drop functionality to configure and auto-deploy a given Clos topology
  Contributed towards K8s YAML generation with GPT-3’s NLP for predefined scenarios of Telco & Web-scale DC cloud topologies.
Parallel Agile Inc.
USC Directed Research, Full Stack Scala, Flutter, MERN (TS) & MEAN (TS) Software Developer [ Jan 2020 - Present ]
   MVC CASE Tool generation: Automated Code generation (writing code to generate code) for:
        REST APIs in Node.js
        Multiple (8) SQL and NoSQL databases using ORMs
        Client side UI for multiple platforms (Web, Android and iOS)
  Automated API test case generation in JUnit and Postman
University of Southern California
USC Lead Course Producer for CSCI 585 (Database Systems) [ May 2020 - Present ]
   Exams & Assignment Grading/Checking
   Rubrics Creation
   Solving Student Doubts
Unify IoT Technologies
Embedded & Full Stack Software Engineer (w/ Blockchain for IoT IPFS PoC) [ Jun 2018 - May 2019 ]
  Researched into Blockchain usage for IoT by creating a PoC (Proof of Concept) to eliminate cloud middleman using IPFS (Inter Planetary File System)
  Developed corresponding Android and GAE (Google App Engine) Python Flask REST API for remote monitoring & control
JPMorgan Chase
Technology Analyst (S/W Dev + Prod Support) [ July 2015 - July 2017 ]
Promoted to Full Stack Software Engineer [ July 2017 - May 2018 ]

  Worked primarily in Corporate & Investment Banking Back Office, GSO (Global Service Operations) Tech, Regulatory Reporting
  Implemented software to automate data flow, regulatory report generation and submission to financial regulators
  Carried out every phase of SDLC: SBE (Spec by Example)>Design>Dev>SIT>UAT>Prod and Monitor
  Code consumed data from various upstream systems across diverse financial products of Capital (Stocks & Bonds) & Commodity Markets, Derivatives Markets, Futures & Forwards, Forex, Swaps
  Collaborated with global teams of business users, compliance, central bank and regulator representatives
  Enhanced existing frameworks with new features and was actively involved in forums (especially blockchain)
  Tech Stack & concepts implemented
        Java EE: REST APIs using Spring MVC, Hibernate ORM framework, Java Server Faces (JSF), JSP (Java Server Pages), JMS (Java Message Service - PubSub)
        Standalone Oracle DB stored procedures and triggers (PL/SQL)
        High availability dedicated Oracle Exadata rack servers - wrote PL/SQL stored procedures tailored specifically to consume Exadata features
        Scripting languages for pre-processing data: Perl and shell scripting (BASH, KSH, SH)
        SCM: SVN, GIT
        Build Automation Tool: Maven, Ant
        CI/CD deployment pipeline: Jenkins
        Job scheduling and alerts: Autosys, Cron
        XML: XSLT, XPath, XBRL, DOM, SAX, StAX
        Data transfers across systems: SFTP, JMS and Apache ActiveMQ Queues,Streaming XML
        JXLS and Apache POI for generating XLS reports
        Front End: HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery
        Test Driven Development using Fitnesse
        Logic Development and Data Workflow Build using an ETL tool called Hitachi Vantara Pentaho.
        Agile Proj management tool: JIRA
Programming Languages
Networking Hobbyist
OS, Frameworks & Tools
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  Awarded $5000 scholarship @ USC Viterbi [ 2020 ]

  JP Morgan Chase Tech Savvy title awarded [ 2015 ]

  Ranked 1st in ALL 3 years of Diploma in Computer Technology branch [ 2009-2012 ]


  Software Engineer @ Pratham NGO, Force for Good (JPMC's Social welfare program) [ 2015-2016 ]
Migrated Salesforce OLTP DB to Azure using Pentaho ETL. Implemented multidimensional OLAP cube reports in PowerBI to manage client’s 20+ nationwide education centres for underprivileged children and gain valuable insights using Analytics. Implemented following OLAP cube functions: aggregation, slicing, dicing, roll-up, drill down, pivoting etc

  Runner up at JPMC Code for Good Hackathon [ 12, 13 July, 2014 ]
We developed a web portal and an app (PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Android) to track E-Waste recycling comprising of various stages right from E-waste procurement to refurbishing to submission and shipment of recycled products to NGOs/Pvt Organizations. Android App was also developed to send push notifications using Google Cloud Messenger (GCM).
Structure: 24 hour continuous coding hackathon where in we developed software solutions for 4 NGOs. 20 teams comprising of 100 students were chosen from ~10 colleges.

  Senior Technical Officer @ Computer Society of India (CSI) [ 2013-14 ]
  Junior Technical Officer @ Computer Society of India (CSI) [ 2012-13 ]
Was a part of the council where in we conducted many technical and non technical events for our members, some of them were as follows:
Ultimate Coder: Presented the teams with a problem statement which they coded in a stipulated span of time. Input, Output and Algorithm space and time complexity was measured in order to finalize the winner.
Ethical Hacking: Hands on Workshop to demonstrate various attacks such as XSS, Wireless attacks etc using BackTrack/Kali Linux
Python workshop in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay
Cricomania: an event where in teams would bid for their favorite cricket players in order to maximize their total brand value
Casino Royale: a collection of casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette etc
Computer Fundamentals: An event where in council members presented the inner workings of a computer right from BIOS to OS concepts
CSI Experience Android App: Developed an Android app which helped our members to view schedule and timings of upcoming events
Code Breaker and Hidden Cipher: We prepared various cipher-texts and anagrams which the teams had to decipher in order to win and reach the treasure
Conducted a hands on workshop on Adobe Flash and ActionScript
Conducted a hands on workshop on Dot Net
Idiot Box: An event where the couch potato wins by answering various nitty gritty detailed questions on TV series and movies
LAN Gaming (Fifa, CS etc)
Componect: Portmanteau of Component and Connect, in this event teams answered various questions and using the points gained they purchased their PC components in order to build the ultimate high performance PC

  Member @ Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) [ 2012-14 ]
1st place in Tech-it-away Tech Quiz by IEEE (2012)
1st place in Bluff-master Event by IEEE (2012)

  Member @ Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) [ 2012-14 ]
Inter-Collegiate Event “JA Titan” by ISTE (2012)

  Tech articles
  Staying up to date with new technology
Published a paper entitled "Emergence in Web-based Botnets (Targeting Application Layer)” in International Journal of Engineering and Research (IJERT, ESRSA Publications) Journal Volume 3, Issue 4 (April-2014). ISSN: 2278-0181. Available here